Nissan’s Latest Concept Car, Land Glider

The Nissan’s latest concept car has a beautiful cool name: Land Glider. Just as the name implies, the concept car can give occupants the feeling of gliding by air. Take a look at the folling pictures, you ‘ll have a more direct-viewing experience.

Nissan's Latest Concept Car, Land Glider

When the car is turning, its car body can adjust automatically in accordance with its direction turning. It looks like a glider changing its direction on land. The zero-emission electric Land Glider is 1.1 metres wide and has two seats in its strong car body. Land Glider should be better suited for a little family in a crowded city.

Land Glider will make its first public appearance at Tokyo Motor Show held in this month. If you are in Tokyo, you should go to see for yourself.

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