Nintendo Labo Cardboard Toy-Cons for Nintendo Switch

Nintendo has announced Nintendo Labo, its latest cardboard toy-cons for Nintendo Switch. These cardboard toys interacts with your Nintendo Switch, which bring you more immersive gaming experience.

Nintendo Labo Cardboard Toy-Cons for Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Labo is an innovative and creative cardboard toy series dedicatedly designed for Nintendo Switch. Now the series contains two kits: Variety Kit and Robot Kit. The first kit allows you to create two RC cars, one fishing rod, one house, one motorbike and one piano using 28 cardboard sheets, 3 reflective sticker sheets, 3 sponge sheets, 2 strings, 2 sets of eyelets and 8 rubber bands with spares. All the cardboard toys are able to interact with your Nintendo Switch and Joy-Cons in order to bring virtual gaming experience into the real world such as racing with the cardboard word motorbike, playing the cardboard piano, and more.

Nintendo Labo Cardboard Toy-Cons for Nintendo Switch

The robot kit contains 19 cardboard sheets, 4 cardstock sheets, reflective sticker sheet, 4 strings, 4 canvas straps, and 12 sets of eyelets. Using these items, you can create a cardboard backpack that connects with two hand parts and two foot parts with straps, and the cardboard headset works with joy-cons, bringing VR gaming experience to a new level.

Nintendo Labo variety kit is priced at $69.99 USD, and the robot kit costs $79.99 USD. The both kits have been available for preorder. If you’re interested, jump to Amazon (robot kit) for its more details.

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