Ninja USB Flash Drive

Do you want to hire a Japanese ninja for protection of your portable date? Now your chance has come. The ninja USB flash drive will become a faithful guard for your date.

Ninja USB Flash Drive

This is a group of authentic Japanese ninja. We have no idea they are Lga Ninjas or Koga Ninja. But the certainty is that each ninja wears traditional suit and carries a sinobigatana. Apart from that, each ninja USB flash drive measures 48 x 45 x 18 cm, and comes with a 4 GB flash memory.

Ninja USB Flash Drive
Ninja USB Flash Drive

The Ninja USB drive is available in three colors including black, purple, and red. Each one is priced at about $52 USD. If you’re interested, jump to GeekStuff4U for more details. Additionally, don’t forget another group of similar samurai USB drives.

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i got one