New Valve Game DOTA 2

Yesterday Valve announced their latest developing computer game DOTA 2. Apparently that’s why Valve applied for the trademark of DOTA. New DOTA 2 will be released next year.

New Valve Game DOTA 2

DOTA is a game mode from WarCraft 3. Its name comes from a classical custom map called Defense of the Ancients. This time, Valve will collaborate with IceFrog, the main developer and maintainer of the current DotA on the new continuation DOTA 2. Well, whether you like or unlike the game mode. These exquisite illustrations about heroes in DOTA 2 should catch your eyes. Among them, PYRO wearing gas mask is a new character.

New Valve Game DOTA 2 - Bloodseeker New Valve Game DOTA 2 - Drow Ranger
New Valve Game DOTA 2 - Lina New Valve Game DOTA 2 - Morphling
New Valve Game DOTA 2 - Pyro

New Valve Game DOTA 2 Source

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  • DooM

  • wenz

    pls don’t make the graphics like hon..we don’t like the gameplay in HON..we like dota because of the FOG OF WAR..not like HON where you can see the actual picture of the place w/out going to it..

    • Daniel

      Let’s wait ans see, the game should be available this year.

  • Yes, I need it

  • Pyro? that’s from Heroes of Newerth (HON), wew…

    • Oi choy

    • OnionPants

      Heroes of Newerth? Really? It’s from Team Fortress 2. I mean, not only is TF2 also made by Valve, but it’s just kind of hard to confuse him with anyone else.

      • rizumu_

        He meant the hero name, not the picture.

  • Pyro ?
    I’m not sure about it…

    if it were really true, would be the official blog: , right ?

    • Daniel

      We’re not sure now. Perhaps it’s just a trick combined dota and TF2. Keep our eyes on further news.

      • candymanen

        The picture of Pyro is actually a Team fortress 2 character. so yes its fake