MusicSkins Customizable iPhone 4 Skins

Apparently the fresh iPhone 4 doesn’t lack beautiful skins and decals. Now the MusicSkins customizable iPhone 4 skins will bring us more choices.
MusicSkins Customizable iPhone 4 Skins

For the time being, there are totally 97 pieces of available iPhone 4 skins at MusicSkins, covering various fields like pop music, cartoon, celeb, graffiti, and etc. Similar to the Gelaskins iPhone 4 skins, each of these skins also comes with a matching wallpaper.
MusicSkins Customizable iPhone 4 Skins
Of course, it’s just the beginning. If you need a more personalized skin, MusicSkins will give you a perfect solution: making your own iPhone 4 skin through its custom interface. Through uploading image, adding text, and selecting colors, you can customize an unique skin for your iPhone 4.

The MusicSkins iPhone 4 skin is priced at $15 USD. If you like these skins, jump to MusicSkins (unavailable) selecting your favorite skin or customizing one by yourself.

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