Mobi-Lens Phone Lens for Smartphones, Tablets and More

We have introduced several nice phone lens sets that allow to improve your phone camera, but if you want to use a phone lens on different devices, the following Mobi-Lens may be more suitable for you.

Mobi-Lens Phone Lens for Smartphones, Tablets and More

Mobi-Lens is a versatile universal lens kit designed for smartphones, tablets, laptops and more. As we can see from the images, the lens kit features a unique, portable design, and comes with a plastic universal clip in order that you can conveniently apply the lens onto your smartphone, tablet, laptop or other mobile devices. Moreover, using the integrated 2-in-1 wide angle/macro lens or a fisheye lens, you can easily take more awesome photos than a normal rear camera on your smartphone, tablet or other mobile devices. After the break, check out the demo video first.

At present, the designers of Mobi-Lens universal lens kit are raising fund on Kickstarter. Pledge $30 will let you own the wide angle/macro lens kit, while the fisheye lens costs $35 USD. If you’re interested, jump to Kickstarter official site for more details.

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