Miffy iPhone 4 Case

Which cartoon character is your favorite? If you like the female rabbit from the Netherlands, let’s go on checking the Miffy iPhone 4 case.

Miffy iPhone 4 Case

As we can see from the images, this is a series of iPhone 4 cases themed by Miffy rabbit drawn by Dutch artist Dick Bruna. According to different colors and illustrations, the Miffy iPhone 4 case comes in four styles. Each hardshell case is made of polycarbonate material in order to effectively protect your iPhone 4 from scratches and bumps. All iPhone 4 buttons and functions can be accessed via the custom cutouts. Besides, the iPhone 4 case ships with a plastic screen protector.


The available four colors include clear, blue, orange, and yellow. Each Miffy iPhone 4 case is priced at $28.2 USD. If you’re interested, jump to Strapya World for more details.

Miffy iPhone 4 Case Miffy iPhone 4 Case
Miffy iPhone 4 Case Miffy iPhone 4 Case

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  • kim

    are the miffy cases good?

  • Emma M

    Where are these cases still available? i cannot find them on amazon.

  • Paul Lim

    Hi, are you still selling the transparent miffy iPhone 4 case?

    • Daniel

      Sorry, the Miffy iPhone 4 case is unavailable on Strapya World, but you still can find several miffy themed iPhone 4 case on Amazon.

  • Sean

    Hi there

    Appreciate your advice what happened to the miffy iPhone 4 case link. Where can I find/buy the case.


    • Daniel

      I’m sorry for the delayed reply. After checking Strapya World online store, I have to regret to tell you the case is unavailable at present. Fortunately, available on Amazon.