Make Your Own Mini Pinball Table

You can easily find various pinball games at App Store or Google Play, but if you want more tactile gameplay, you may like to make your own mini pinball table.

Make Your Own Mini Pinball Table

Laxap, a talented crafter in Switzerland created the amazing mini pinball. As we can see from the images, this is a desktop pinball table so that you can place it on your desk, while the two real button on the two sides allow you to enjoy your favorite pinball game in a more tactile way. The pinball table is built with plywood along with metal edges. Inside there is an Android tablet so you can also easily change different pinball game for more fun. Most importantly, the crafter has released the whole making steps. If you also want to make a mini pinball cabinet, jump to his instructables page for more details.

Make Your Own Mini Pinball Table
Make Your Own Mini Pinball Table

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Dev Kel

Love this idea!