Lightsaber Like Globrella LED Umbrella

Strictly speaking, it’s not a Star Wars lightsaber styled LED umbrella. Apparently no lightsaber can change its light color even if Sith Lord’s. Because of this, we have to introduce the lightsaber-like Globrella LED umbrella.

Lightsaber Like Globrella LED Umbrella

Just the same as common umbrella, the full-functioning black umbrella can keep you and your items from getting wet on a rainy day. But the difference is, that the Globrella LED umbrella comes with an acrylic pole containing color-phasing LED lights. Once you push the attached on/off switch, the pole will be lighted up and fade from one color into next. Especially in the dark, the LED umbrella will make you like a super Jedi holding a quicksilver lightsaber. Apart from that the no-hassle magnetic open/close feature can help you open or close the umbrella with ease. And the umbrella needs 3 AAA batteries for power.

Lightsaber Like Globrella LED Umbrella

The Globrella LED umbrella is priced at $24.99 USD. If you’re interested, jump to perpetual kid for more details. Additionally we have another nice umbrella inspired by samurai sword. If you prefer lightsaber, don’t ever miss the homemade lightsabers.

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