Lightleaf for your reading in the dark

We’ve introduced several LED lights for your reading in the dark such as the Kandle LED ebook light and reading book cover. Both of them are very useful, but no one is thinner than the lightleaf.

Lightleaf for your reading in the dark

Lightleaf is designed by Valentina Trimani. As the name implies, lightleaf looks so much like a piece of paper or leaf. Of course, you can light the whole surface of the lightleaf up for your dark room. According to the descriptions by the designer, the ultra slim light comes with many useful functions such as rechargeable, adjustable brightness. I think the most importance is slim enough to carry it easily.

Undoubtedly the slim light called Lightleaf is a great idea, but it’s a pity that we just see the prototype of the lightleaf. We have no idea when the great idea can be put on the market.

Lightleaf for your reading in the dark

By the way, here is another similar a bit bigger light pad.

Lightleaf for your reading in the dark Source

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  • Huh? Why does it cast as much light right into your face as it does onto the page? What purpose does that serve except to blind you so that you can’t see anything?

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