Legion Meter Lets You Charge Smartphone 92% Faster

Want to charge your smartphone in a shorter time? Take a look at Legion Meter, the small charge accelerator lets you charge your iOS or Android devices up to 92% faster.
Legion Meter Lets You Charge Smartphone 92% Faster

Legion Meter is an innovative and useful charge accelerator designed to offer you a faster way to charge your smartphones and tablets. As shown in the images, the adapter sports an ultra compact design in order that you can easily attach it to your computer or AC adapter, and the charge accelerator has two modes, including Apple mode and Android mode. Each mode is able to effectively optimize the charge speed by signaling your mobile device to safely draw the maximum amount of charge possible based on different mobile devices. Moreover, the adapter comes with a built-in multimeter, while its integrated OLED display shows you voltage, current, power and milliwatt hours.
Legion Meter Lets You Charge Smartphone 92% Faster

The team of Legion Meter is raising fund via Kickstarter. Pledging $39 will let you own the charge accelerator with integrated multimeter OLED display. If you need it, jump to Kickstarter official site for more details or have a look at the following demo video.

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Something is awry here. Charging that fast is questionable: The claim itself and if true how it would really affect the battery.


I guess they can only speed up the charge time from a common computer USB port or from a very cheap stock wall charger. Computer USB ports were intended for exchanging data only. Some newer computers have special USB ports for charging (a lightning or battery symbol shows it).

I question the use of the Legion Meter too. A similar but more simple adapter called “ChargeDr USB Charge Booster” is already available >> http://www.digitalinnovations.com/products/chargedr-usb-charge-booster/