Klax Multi-Tool with Axe Head

We have introduced many pretty useful multi tools, but if you also need an axe for your professional camping, the Klax multi-tool with axe head should be a nice solution.

Klex Multi-Tool with Axe Head

The Klax is a versatile and powerful multi-tool designed for various real-life survival games. As shown in the images, the Klax is bigger than a credit card-sized multi-tool, as the result, you will get a sharp axe head, and with the help of its unique and reliable clamping system, you can easily use the axe head and a stick from the wood to assemble an axe in order to chop logs, moreover, the Klax is made from medium-high carbon stainless steel for durable and solid construction, and as a multi-tool, Klax also features integrated carabiner, thumb jimping, bottle opener, gut hook, knife blade, lanyard hole, hammer, ruler, and 5 wrenches as well as hex bit driver, so you can use it to deal with various situations during your camping trip.

Klex Multi-Tool with Axe Head

The multi tool with axe head is available for preorder for $160 USD. If you like it, head to Crowd Supply for more details or check out the following demo video first.

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