iStand: An Elegant iPhone Stand

iStand should be one of the most unique iPhone stands which I’ve seen. If you are seeking an elegant stand for your iPhone, let’s go on.

iStand: An Elegant iPhone Stand

The iPhone stand called iStand looks really like a classical joystick. It’s designed by Masato Tokuno, a Japanese designer and manufactured by IDEA international. iStand is made from silicone material, and features a suction cup in order to firmly grab the back of iPhone and make the iPhone stand. Moreover you also can adjust the stand freely for the best viewing position.

iStand iPhone stand is available in various colors. Each one costs about $6.7 USD. You can get it from rakuten.

Update: now iStand has been available for $6.69 USD at Lazybone.

iStand: An Elegant iPhone Stand
iStand: An Elegant iPhone Stand

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