Iron Man and Other Superhero Amigurumi Dolls

handmade Iron Man amigurumi doll

I really don’t know who hate our superhero Iron Man. But apparently, Whiplash must be one of them, only I want to ask him, can’t you use some more creative methods to terminate Iron Man except the use of force? Well, give you a suggestion that putting the needles into the Iron Man amigurumi just like the voodoo doll.

handmade Iron Man amigurumi doll

Mmm, I have to admit the above is a joke. This cute handmade Iron Man amigurumi doll should be more suitable fans of Iron Man. The Iron Man doll is made by Lindsay, and measures 6 inches tall. If you like the doll, you can get it for $14.99 USD at Etsy.

And moreover, you also can find out lots of superhero amigurumi dolls from Marvel comics such as Spider Man, Captain American, Wolverine, Batman, and etc.

batman_amigurumi_doll.jpg captain_american_amigurumi_doll.jpg
spider_man_amigurumi_doll_1.jpg wolverine_amigurumi_doll.jpg

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Unfortunately, I do not currently have a pattern for sale in my shop, nor do I have one written. It’s still in my head 😛

A lot has changed in my shop on Etsy since this article posted. For instance, four out of the five pictured amigurumi have all been updated in design ^_^ So go check them out (Sold out of Iron Man, atm of this posting).



I find that your dolls are really too cute. I shall wish to make them to my son. You could send me the tuto, please.

Thank you in advance