iPal Smart Glasses with Eye Tracking and Eye Gesture Controls

Unlike Google Glass, iPal can’t be used for navigation, but if you want to capture pictures or videos with your eyes and share them with ease, the following iPal smart glasses should be a nice solution.

iPal Smart Glasses with Eye Tracking and Eye Gesture Controls

The iPal is an innovative and practical smartglasses designed to offer you a first-person-way to capture photos and videos. The smart glasses sports a stylish and low-profile design, and features a unique eye tracking technology, so iPal is able to follow your eyes automatically and see what your eyes see, and it can automatically zoom in on what you pay attention to. Moreover, built-in WiFi and Bluetooth allow the smart glasses to wirelessly connect with your iPhone, Android or Windows devices, while using iPal’s eye gesture controls, you can capture and share photos and videos without lifting a finger. Apart from that, the smart glasses comes equipped with two 5-megapixel HD scene cameras, 8GB internal storage in its touchscreen control module with SD card slot for up to 32GB additional storage, and built-in rechargeable battery offering 2 hours of video recording time or 24 hours of photo capture on a single charge.

iPal Smart Glasses with Eye Tracking and Eye Gesture Controls

At present the team of iPal is raising fund at Indiegogo. You can pledge $199 to own the smartglasses. If you like it, jump to Indiegogo official site for full description or take a look at the following demo video first.

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But iPal does work with multiple apps–Android, iOS and Windows–offering a published SDK according to the Indiegogo page. Also, with eyetracking and image recognition, just like Siri, iPal would know where you were at, just by seeing. Siri navigation could tell you where to go based on what you (or Siri) “sees”–iPal uses your eyes. Pretty cool, huh? More than a camera, but I’d use it for just photos and videos too.