iCushion iPhone Shaped Cushion

Do you remember that fun iPhone- inspired cushion named iCushion from a Korean website. Now the iPhone pillow has been available.

iCushion iPhone Shaped Cushion

The interesting cushion measures 40 x 20cm. From the images, apparently iCushion looks like a scale-up version of iPhone that features almost all detail from a real iPhone, also including our familiar system icons like iPod, calendar, map, YouTube, and more. But the feature that distinguishes from a real iPhone is the iPhone pillow comes with a funny back cover with an apple core logo. It’s a little pity that we have no idea what material are filled within the cushion.

iCushion iPhone Shaped Cushion

The iCushion iPhone shaped cushion is priced at $12.75 USD. If you’re interested, jump to 100milligrams for more details.

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