iCircle iPad 3 Case

You can use an iPad stand to make your iPad upright for entertaining, but if you need more functions, the following iCircle iPad 3 case may be more suitable for you.

iCircle iPad 3 Case

Rolling Ave’s iCircle is a multi functional protective case designed for iPad 2 and the new iPad. The new iPad case features super slim, ultra lightweight design, and is constructed of durable polycarbonate in order to protect the new iPad or iPad 2 from bumps and scratches., and as we can see from the images, the iPad 3 case also features a versatile ring on the back. The ring can be pulled out as an iPad stand that supports both portrait and landscape viewing modes, and offers you a lower angle for typing, moreover, the round opening provides you a safe grip experience. Apart from that, the new iPad case works well with Apple Smart Cover, and the custom cutouts allow you access to all buttons and functions of your iPad 3.

iCircle iPad 3 Case

The iCircle iPad 3 case is available in two colors including white and black, each one is priced at $69.99 USD. If you’re interested, jump to Rolling Ave for more details.

iCircle iPad 3 Case

Additionally, if you need other options, you might like to check Gavio Duetto iPad 3 case and more via “iPad 3 case” tag.

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  • Leah

    This case looks great! I am looking to get a new iPad case, and I recently discovered Domeo Products. I found their website, and it looks like they have some great cases. I was wondering if you have heard of them, or what you think of them?

  • You’re a bit off on the comparison to the Kindle. There’s no way the iPad is as good as the Kindle. Reading on an LCD bckalit screen is nowhere near as comfortable as reading eInk. The Kindle will also blow the iPad away on several other eReader points. Battery life for one, 10 hours vs. several weeks on the Kindle. Weight and comfort are also MAJOR factors. In fact any eInk reader will beat the iPad. But beside that the iPad is very cool.

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