iBlackBoard iPhone 4 Case

We have many iPhone apps dedicated to store your bright ideas. But the iBlackBoard iPhone 4 case is the most convenient one. Of course, the precondition is, you need a chalk.

iBlackBoard iPhone 4 Case

In fact, iBlackBoard is not a real product. Kalomix, a design studio from Hong Kong came up with the wonderful design concept combined with modern technology and traditional tool. From the images, apparently the iPhone 4 case is painted with black chalkboard paint so that we can use a common chalk to write down some important things on the exterior of the case. After the break, check out the demo video.

Unfortunately, this is only a design concept. Even if you need, the fun iPhone 4 case is unavailable at present. By the way, perhaps someone can design a matching iBrush iPhone 4 case. Sound good!

Additionally, if you need other available iPhone 4 cases, you might like to check the 4-layer Ballistic iPhone 4 case, limited edition Vapor cases, and more via “iPhone 4 case” tag.

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