Hunley submarine turns into steampunk USB flash drive


I feel shame I don’t know much about the history of Hunley submarine. I just love all gadgets in steampunk style. Talented WillRockwell brought us another steampunk USB flash drive, Hunley.


The steampunk USB flash drive is shaped like the Hunley submarine in history. The shell is made with copper, and comes with some brass nail heads, brass clock parts, brass trim as well copper tubing and shaped brass propeller. In the submarine, there is a 16GB USB drive.

The Hunley 16GB steampunk USB flash drive is priced at $800 USD$. I just visit the amazing USB gadgets with a dropping jaw. You also can visit it at Etsy.


Hunley submarine turns into steampunk USB flash drive Source

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  • Nix Sands

    I find that real Victorian inventions and culture can be mind-blowing! Try Googling “Roller Ship” or Carmagnolle Diving Suit.

    • Daniel

      Big Daddy of Bioshock came from Carmagnolle Diving Suit!

  • KS

    I think it’s freakin awesome.

  • David Peters

    looks like a piece of junk, was it made by a five year old?

    • Daniel

      Maybe more, or perhaps it’s just dug up.