Handmade Wooden iPhone and iPod Dock

We like handmade gadgets and eco-friendly gadgets. Now the two elements were integrated into the iPod/ iPhone dock, apparently we must do some writing.

Handmade Wooden iPhone and iPod Dock

This is a simple iPod and iPhone docking station without integrated speakers, but you can use it to charge or sync your all models of iPhone or iPod. Each iPod dock is made from wattle wood by hand, and comes with a built-in sync cable. So as we can see from the images, you can’t find out two identical wooden docks.

Handmade Wooden iPhone and iPod Dock

The handmade wooden iPhone and iPod dock is available in five types according to different looks. Each one is priced at $85 USD. If you’re interested, jump to Etsy for more details.

Handmade Wooden iPhone and iPod Dock

By the way, if you need more alternatives, you might like to check the double-purpose wooden docking station, another handmade steampunk-style iPhone dock, and more via “docking station” tag.

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