Great Cube: DoDoNa S-100 MP3 Player

DoDoNa S-100 MP3 Player

Different with Mint Cube MP3 Player, DoDoNa S-100 MP3 player has been rolled out by Korean manufacturer DoDoNa.

DoDoNa S-100 MP3 Player

The cube-shaped MP3 player comes with a 1.1-inch 96×96 OLED screen, 4GB memory capacity and a built-in speaker with 0.7w output power as well FM radio. DoDoNa sizes at 50x50x50mm, weights 96g and supports MP3, WMA, OGG, FLAC audio files.

DoDoNa S-100 MP3 Player

DoDoNa S-100 MP3 is available in four colors, white, black, green and yellow. If you favor the cube style MP3 player, you can grab one for about $167 USD at official site. Perhaps, you need Google Translation help.

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