Google Bumper Nexus 5 Case

Following release of Nexus 5, the official Bumper case for the smartphone has been available too. If you need a matching protection for your Nexus 5, let’s go on checking the Nexus 5 case.

Google Bumper Nexus 5 Case

This is a simple and practical protective case designed for Google Nexus 5. The Nexus 5 case measures 142 x 74 x 10mm, weights 19g, and as we can see from the images, the bumper case features sleek minimal design along with a choice of four colors, moreover, using its hard outer shell and soft rubber lining the Nexus 5 case protects your Nexus 5 from bumps and scratches, apart from that, its custom openings allow you access to all Nexus 5’s buttons and functions, and the Nexus 5 case works seamlessly with Nexus Wireless Chargers.

Google Bumper Nexus 5 Case Google Bumper Nexus 5 Case

The official Bumper Nexus 5 case comes in four colors, each one is priced at $34.99 USD. If you’re interested, jump to Google Play for more details.

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