Goat Horn Shaped Coffee Mug Lets You Enjoy Your Joe in Style

Apparently the horn can’t be used to boost morale in battlefield, but your joe in the goat horn shaped coffee mug exactly will perk you up soon. Like the wild design? Let’s keep going.

Goat Horn Shaped Coffee Mug

This is an amazing and functional coffee mug that measures approx 26.1 X 10.6 X 9.6cm. As we can see from the images, the coffee mug is shaped as a goat horn that delivers a pretty cool, eye-catching and tameless design, and the unique design reminds us that the coffee bean was first discovered by a 9th century legendary Ethiopian goatherd who noticed his goat becoming energetic after chewing the berries of a coffee plant.

Goat Horn Shaped Coffee Mug

The coffee container isn’t made with a real goat horn but it’s crafted from eco-friendly materials, and it’s also 100% leak proof and comes with a faux leather cross-body strap in order that you can securely and conveniently take a cup of coffee with you on the go, and it’s capable to keep your beverage heated for up to 2 hours, meanwhile, a refined grip lets you enjoy your coffee in style. In addition, the grip doubles as a stand to keep your coffee on the desk steadily.

Goat Horn Shaped Coffee Mug

The goat horn shaped coffee mug comes in two colors, each is priced at $38 USD. If you’re interested, jump to Firebox for its more details. Additionally, also don’t miss Star Wars BB-8 coffee mug and more related cool stuff by following tags.

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