Giant Robot Slippers with Realistic Sound

To disguise yourself as a powerful robot you need a suitable costume. Need more realistic visualization? The following giant robot slippers should be a nice solution.

Giant Robot Slippers with Realistic Sound

This is a pair of pretty cool slippers inspired by those huge robots. As shown in the images, the pair of slippers features a cute bootie-style design and along with nice details and colors in order to make your feet look like a robot. Most importantly, each slipper comes with a step-reactive sound box that makes your steps sound like coming from a gigantic robot, while its on/off switch also let’s you to sneak around like a big-foot ninja. Moreover, the pair of slippers is made of 100% polyester and with fabric coated bottom with no-slip dots in order to make robot’s steps more robust. Apart from that, the interior foot size of the slippers is 13 x 8 inches to fit lots of adult humans.

Giant Robot Slippers with Realistic Sound

The pair of giant robot slippers with sound box is priced at $29.99 USD. If you like it, jump to ThinkGeek for more details.

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