Gadgetsin is Online with a New Theme

Gadgetsin is Online with a New Theme

Gadgetsin has been here for three months. As its name: Gadgets in, it’s an inrealtime blog dedicated to introducing popular, practical and good designed gadgets.


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  • Hessa

    Identify the founder of the website, the type of website (B2C or C2C),
    and physical location if it exists.

    Domain name.
    Explain the reason behind the domain name and its meaning.
    Vision and mission of the company
    Target customers
    Revenue model (Describe methods of generating income
    for the organization)
    Advantages/disadvantages of the website

    these all what I need about the website..
    waiting for Reply ..

  • Hessa

    Am doing project about your website , but there is no enough information available through the internet ..
    I need to contact you..
    and please I need to know whos the founder of this website .. thanks alot..
    Hessa Alhammadi

  • Elyse

    Good afternoon,
    A picture on your website spiked my interest and I would like to use it for a non-profit organization. I was wondering to whom I should speak in order to make sure that I would not go against any copyright laws concerning this picture. Please let me know who I should email. I appreciate your help with this matter!

    Thanks and have a great day!


    • Daniel

      Hello Elyse,

      Generally a picture belongs to its manufacturer or designer so you can easily jump to its official site using the link we posted at the end of an article.

      Have a nice day

  • How do I post an article. I been looking for the comment form, but cant find it

  • Boobie

    hi. enjoy your site BUT… every time i click on it, the header is *always* the same “gadgetsin is online with a new theme!” AND… that’s from 2009! it’s 3 years old! could you please update or remove your header haha… every time i see it i cringe wondering how do you showcase state of the art fun stuff YET… your header is so out of date?!


    • Daniel

      Hello, Boobie

      Thank you for your suggestion. I also thought about removing it, but it affected the overall appearance. I will replace it with a new introduction soon. Thank you again for the suggestion. 🙂

      Best regards

  • Scott Vollmer

    Hi – I have a product I invented and would like to get it on your site. What do I need to do to get you a picture and a written info about it. It is a kitchen product. Thanks

    • Daniel

      Hello, you can use our Facebook fan page to recommend your product. If it can meet our style, we will post it out.

  • James


    Please read my posting………,

  • James


    I am curious in how I would go about having my product showcased here?

    • Daniel

      Hello, James

      I’m glad to receive your message. You could tell us your product using our Facebook fan page just like other readers, then according your product we will decide whether to post it. 🙂

      Best regards

  • Greetings,

    Please consider introducing this cool Grade 5 titanium clip to your readers — The TacTiClip!

    Thank you and regards,


  • Bob

    Are you ever going to update or archive this entry on your homepage? “Gadgetsin is Online with a New Theme” FROM 2009!!!

    • Daniel

      Hehe, thank you for your reminding. I will change it with something.

  • Jeff

    is it possible for me to post on

  • Matt Mello

    Would be interested in having a post on How can one go about getting a product considered for highlighting?

  • Sorry for mailing again you already posted me! So forget the previous mail
    thanks a lot for that 🙂


  • Herb

    How about you take this down now. Your advice of a ‘new’ theme is two years old!

    • Daniel

      Thanks, we will, soon with other interesting articles.

  • The new site look fantastic. Check out these fashion-forward dust masks at My team and I only launched the business about 72 hours ago and we’re already getting some orders. We would be very happy to be featured on your site. Our Pink Roses and Space Invaders 8-bit designs are our most popular so far. I’d be happy to send you a physical sample and other other materials you may require.

    thanks for your time,
    Marc Brown