Fuut A Hammock for Your Feet

Your feet also need a way to rest when you sit back against in your seat. Take a look Fuut, the hammock for your feet should be a nice solution.

Fuut A Hammock for Your Feet

The Fuut is a simple and practical miniature hammock designed for your feet. The mini hammock consists of multiple parts, including two metal rings, 2 cotton ropes, 2 wood sticks, 2 stoppers and a staging measuring 650 x 170mm. Using its two rings, you can easily hang the mini hammock under your table in order to put your feet on the support for a rest. Moreover, you can also adjust the length of each cotton rope with a stopper for an optimal foot position when you’re at work or have a rest.

Fuut A Hammock for Your Feet Fuut A Hammock for Your Feet

The Fuut mini hammock comes in 6 colors and is priced at $30 USD. If you like the versatile design, jump to connect design online store for more details.


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