Funny Keyboard-shaped USB Calculator

Now let me solemnly introduce to you the keyboard-shaped USB calculator, but I really couldn’t maintain my serious mien. I just want to laugh when facing this funny gadget.

Funny Keyboard-shaped USB Calculator

As we can see, this calculator features a stylish appearance shaped as the keypad of the computer keyboard. In addition using battery, the calculator incredibly comes with USB port, which allow you to connect the calculator with your computer for entering calculations. I really don’t understand what you could do with the calculator when your computer beside you. Perhaps it could make you become the office star.

The calculator is called 10 Key, and is priced at incredible £50 GBP (approx $77 USD). You can find it at Retail Facility.

Moreover, you might be interested in the keypad for Gmail.

Funny Keyboard-shaped USB Calculator Funny Keyboard-shaped USB Calculator

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John Simm

Laugh all you want but this thing does have a serious application!

I’m a touch typer and can use windows calculator at lightning speeds without even looking. On a normal casio calculator I just can’t get used to it at the same level and am probably 3 times slower. As a studying chartered accountant this thing could be the difference between passing my exams or not which are extremely time pressured!