Fun Iron Man 2 T-shirt

We believe it’s impossible that the iron can’t suggest the iconic Iron Man face to you. What can you imagine else?

Fun Iron Man 2 T-shirt

It seems the iron Iron Man 2 is a hybrid cutting-edge armor for Tony Stark, which is able to transform into a normal iron just like those Transformers, of course also turn into our great Iron Man. However it only appears on the T-shirt.

So you can call it Iron Man T-shirt or iron transformer t-shirt. Anyway, the pretty pattern is a great job. We like this idea. The official name is Iron(man)2, a pattern design for T-shirt. Apparently it will be available soon.

Fun Iron Man 2 T-shirt

Fun Iron Man 2 T-shirt Source

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  • Jodee

    Do you know where this shirt is being sold?

    • Daniel

      The scoring for the pattern finished over two years ago. We believed the T-shirt has been unavailable.