Floome Smartphone Breathalyzer Provides More Accurate Data Based on Your Profile

With its dedicated app, Floome smartphone breathalyzer provides you more accurate measuring date, which prevents you from dangerous drunk driving. Need the feature? Let’s keep going.

Floome Smartphone BreathalyzerThe Floome is a simple and functional breathalyzer that works iPhones, Android and Windows phones. The smartphone measures 75 x 50 x 18mm and shows off an ultra compact and sleek design.

The smartphone breathalyzer comes equipped with a 3.5mm audio connector in order that you can easily connect it with your phone via 3.5mm audio jack. And it features the same sensor found in breathalyzers used by law enforcement officers plus a new vortex technology to accurately measure your blood alcohol concentration (BAC).

Floome Smartphone Breathalyzer

Most importantly, its custom app allows you to enter your weight, gender, height and age so that it can provide more accurate measuring results based on your own info and tell you the suggested recovery time. Apart from that, using the app, you can easily call a taxi, contact your friends or find something to eat to lower your BAC.

The Floome smartphone breathalyzer comes in two colors, each is priced at €89 (approx $98 USD). If you’re interested, jump to Floome for its mire details. Additionally, also don’t miss BACtrack Vio smart breathalyzer and more cool stuff by following tags.

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