Fingertip Cube Tiny Speaker

Obviously the fingertip cube tiny speaker is not the latest gadget. But it doesn’t prevent the tiny speaker from becoming a fun and useful gadget for our geek life.

Fingertip Cube Tiny Speaker

As we see, it’s so ultra mini that the speaker can be placed at your fingertip. The tiny speaker measures 26 x 26 x 25cm. Through the reserved little hole, you even can attach the speaker to your keychain. The tiny speaker integrates a 0.8W speaker, built-in amplification and rechargeable lithium battery for 4 hours use. It can support iPhone, iPod, and any audio device with audio output.

The fingertip tiny speaker is priced at $9.99 USD. If you are finding a mini speaker, don’t ever miss this one. Jump to USBfever for full details. The following is a video demo of the tiny speaker.

Fingertip Cube Tiny Speaker Fingertip Cube Tiny Speaker Fingertip Cube Tiny Speaker

By the way, the inexpensive foldable paper speaker is also a mini speaker might be fit for you.

Update: Here is another tiny speaker by Motz.

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