eGroov is a Modular All-Wheel Drive Electric Scooter

With two wide drive wheels, you can ride eGroov all-wheel drive electric scooter over various terrains like sand, snow, mud and more. And optional modular feature lets you add new components that bring you much convenience for your ride.

eGroov+ Modular All-Wheel Drive Electric Scooter

The eGroov is a stylish and modular electric scooter that comes in two models, including eGroov and eGroov+. The eGroov fits for those who like to stand on their scooter while flying across beautiful landscapes, while the eGroov plus is a modular version that features a back mount. You can attach an included top case to the mount for holding more items, and it also supports other elements such as a baby seat. And the modular electric scooter boasts a comfortable seat, so you can seat and stand on the eScooter to enjoy the fun of riding.

eGroov+ Modular All-Wheel Drive Electric Scooter

As we can see from the images, both models show off a low-profile and stylish design with their minimal frames, matte black finish and oversized wheels. eGroov comes equipped two electric hub motors of 250W in the two wide wheels, so both models deliver us a maximum speed of 15 mph (25 km/h), and its battery compartment can hold up to two 36V 12Ah batteries. One lithium-ion battery lasts 10-12 miles (15-20 km). When using two batteries, the scooter delivers a range of 20-24 mile 30-40 km.

With the help of two 18×10-10 inch wheels with motors, the electric scooter fits on almost all terrains, and it can carry a payload of more than 265 pounds (120 kg) with no problems. In addition, its handlebar can be adjusted both horizontally and vertically, which delivers you a more comfortable control experience.

eGroov+ Modular All-Wheel Drive Electric Scooter

The crowdfunding for eGroov is ongoing on Kickstarter. You can pledge €1,690 ($1,865 USD) to preorder eGroov electric scooter (€2,190 for modular eGroov+). It will be shipped in July 2016. BTW, also don’t miss the ShareRoller V3 motor for bikes and scooters and more related cool stuff by following tags.

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