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Diablo 3 The Monk Further Detailed

April 18, 2012 | In: Crazy Graphics

Following Demon Hunter and the Barbarian, another class in Diablo 3, the Monk has also been further detailed by Blizzard. If you like the class that is good at melee attack and tactical auras, let’s o on checking.

Diablo 3 The Monk Further Detailed

The third further detailed class is the monk, a melee character who is good at using various melee weapons, and able to use various tactical auras in order to improve his combat skills and help his companions. The Monk’s skills are divided into three categories including Combos, Auras abs Spirit. The practical skills include Fists of Thunder, Deadly Reach, Crippling Wave, Exploding Palm, Blinding Flash, Dashing Strike and more. After the break, check out the following demo video.