Cute Happy-Kid USB Webcam

The toy looks like an action figure, but apparently more useful. It’s a cute USB webcam called Happy-Kid.

Cute Happy-Kid USB Webcam

As the name implies, the USB web camera is shaped as a cute doll with flexible limbs and head. It comes with a CMOS sensor with a resolution of 640 x 480 that allows you record videos with 640 x 480 pixels and 15fps or 320 x 240 pixels and 30fps. Apart from that, the webcam features auto white balance and auto electronics exposure. The focus ranges from 30mm to infinity.

Cute Happy-Kid USB Webcam

The cute Happy-Kid USB webcam is priced at $19 USD. If you are looking for a suitable webcam for your Skype, you might like to jump to Brando for more details about the cute webcam.

Cute Happy-Kid USB Webcam Cute Happy-Kid USB Webcam

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