Crazy Halloween Costume for Crazy Party

No doubt, this is absolutely one of the most odd and crazy Halloween costume. Of course, you can dress it on your head at any time. But who is willing to do so?

Crazy Halloween Costume for Crazy Party

We can quite imagine that there would be surprised expressions on all people in a Halloween party when someone dressing the crazy hat pushed the door open and entered. All friends would lift their cameras, cell phones, and capture the glorious appearance. Apparently that guy would not only become the star in the party, perhaps we could see him on some funny blogs such Fail Blog. Apart from that, the next day the guy’s friends might call him “pussy face”.

In a word, it’s a far-reaching crazy Halloween costume that costs $19.99 USD. If you are curious about the hat, jump to Amazon for more details.

Update: the costume has been unavailable at Amazon.

Crazy Halloween Costume for Crazy Party Source

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