Cliq Smartphone Case with Shortcut Buttons for Android

The phone case not only protective your beloved Android phone, but also allows you to quickly access to your phone functions. Curious? Let’s go on checking Cliq smartphone case with shortcut buttons.

Cliq Smartphone Case with Shortcut Buttons for Android

Cliq is an innovative and functional protective case that comes in multiple models for popular Android phones, including Galaxy S5/S4/Note 3, Moto X, Nexus 5 and LG G2. As shown in the images, the smartphone case sports an ultra thin, snap-on design, and its hardshell construction protects your Android phone from bumps and scratches. Most importantly, the smartphone case features a built-in patent pending NFC module in order to wirelessly connect with your phone, and three integrated shortcut buttons let you easily access those frequently used functions such as capturing photos, make calls, send text, play music, turning on/off flashlight, and more, so using custom application you can freely customize all three buttons.

Cliq Smartphone Case with Shortcut Buttons for Android Cliq Smartphone Case with Shortcut Buttons for Android

The team of Cliq is raising fund via Kickstarter. Pledging $25 will let you own Cliq smartphone case or a three-button skin for your Android phone. If you need it, jump to Kickstarter official site for detailed description or have a look at the following demo video first.

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Jānis Bērziņš

Полный бред. Плагиат При чем совсем неудачный плагиат! Иными словами: автор мудак, идея гавно!

Cliq Cases

Hi Janis, I can only assume you are on of the Internet ‘fighters’ of Dimple. That’s ok. Just please do not swear in a blog like this. It’s indecent.

Anon Sandy

It’s funny how they state that:

“The technology inside is pretty clever, but once seen, copycats will follow. We really want our backers to be the first to use a case like this, so we’re trying to protect our IP. ”

But are the copycats themselves, as the dimple has been around for much longer.

“We are happy to provide as many demo’s of the product as necessary to answer questions you may have!”

Yet they don’t have any functional demo except a shady post-production clickity-clack sounds. Screw these copy cats!

Cliq Cases
Hi ‘Anon’ (aka Dimple team), Didn’t you leave exactly the same comment on The Gadgeteer with a different name? You must have too much time on your hands. This is Bobur here from Cliq Cases. I don’t hide behind fake names. Anyway, I want to answer your points as they are relevant to the readers of and our backers. 1) We are not copycats. Dimple was one week ahead of us in their launch, so it would have been literally impossible to copy and launch in one week. We’ve been working hard on Cliq for the last few months.… Read more »