Cliphone Minimal Cable Organizer

Don’t want your headphone cords to get tangled in your bag or pocket? Take a look at Cliphone, the minimal cable organizer should be a nice solution.

Cliphone Minimal Cable Organizer

The Cliphone is a practical minimalistic little headphone-shaped cord organizer. As shown in the images, the cable organizer features ultra compact design in order that you can keep it always on your headphone cord or USB cable, and the cord organizer is constructed with a stretchable silicone band co-molded with a nylon snap button so you can conveniently use it to prevent your headphones or charging cable from getting tangled in your pocket or bag. Moreover, the durable body can stretch twice as length to accommodate more cables.

Cliphone Minimal Cable Organizer

At present the inventor of Cliphone is raising fund at Kickstarter. Pledging $10 will let you own two Cliphone cord organizers. If you’re interested, jump to Kickstarter official site for more details.

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