Clearly Pac-man Bracelet for Those Pac-man Fans

Those fans always have all kinds way to express their love to something or someone. If you are the Pac-man fans, I believe the bracelet covered over pacman, dots and colorful ghosties should be suit for your wrist.

Clearly Pac-man Bracelet

The Pac-man bracelet is called “Clearly Pac-Man”, designed and created by ParAmour Designs. The patterns on the bracelet are all hand drawn, and is covered by acetate and frozen forever in clear resin.

Clearly Pac-man BraceletClearly Pac-man Bracelet

Clearly Pacman is priced at $25 USD. If you like, grab it at Etsy (unavailable). BTW, don’t miss the Pacman cutting board and other related geek items by following tags.



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