Clair B Portable Air Purifier Brings You Clean Air Anywhere You Go

Using its travel mug-like body, Clair B portable air purifier brings you clean air anywhere you go, and unique rotatable vent ensures fresh and clean air always around you.

Clair B Portable Air Purifier

The Clair B is a well-designed and functional portable air purifier that measures 75.5mm by 173mm and weights 0.5kg. As shown in the images, the portable air purifier sports a simple and elegant design in order that its two-toned profile matches the aesthetics of different environments, and travel-mug like design makes it fit in the cup holder in your car.

As a high-efficiency air purifier, Clair B features a unique and powerful air filtration system. Its changeable electret film filter made of an embossed polypropylene film, a self-charging electrostatic material, and its patented design allows the filter to hold charged sides in order to eliminate ultrafine dust (smaller than 0.1 micrometers mm), cigarette smoke, pollen, allergens, mold, exhaust gas and more. And the filter’s area is larger 12 times than a standard mini-HEPA filter, which gives maximizing efficiency and a long life span. One electret film filter can be used for four months.

Clair B Portable Air Purifier

Furthermore, the filter can also effectively eliminate germs, viruses, bacteria, toluene, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde and benzene, meanwhile, its two-stage construction is able to filter a 6m-squared area. When your Clair B is working in a large area, you can still get a 1m-cubed bubble of clean air, moreover, its unique 180-degree swivel air vent delivers you fresh and clean air in any direction.

In addition, Clair B is powered by USB cable. It doesn’t come with built-in rechargeable battery, so you need to connect the portable air purifier with your computer, car cigar jack, power bank or USB adapter.

Clair B Portable Air Purifier

The crowdfunding campaign for Clair B is ongoing at Kickstarter. You can pledge $69 to preorder the portable air purifier. It will be shipped in March 2016. BTW, also don’t miss more related cool stuff by following tags.

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