Chrona Turns Your Pillow into Smartpillow

Don’t want to wear your fitness tracker all night long to track your sleep? Then you may like to use Chrona to turn your pillow into a smartpillow for tracking and optimizing your sleep.

Chrona Turns Your Pillow into Smartpillow

The Chrona is an innovative smart pillow insert that works with your existing pillow and helps you improve your sleep. As shown in the images, you can easily insert Chrona into your pillowcase, and using built-in accelerometer, the smart pillow is able to track your sleep base on the movements of your head and torso, moreover, it can play low-frequency sounds to enhance your deep sleep, and built-in smart alarm wakes you up with a gentle vibration at the best moment. In addition, its custom app intuitively shows you all tracking data and allows you to set alarm, sounds and check your sleep score. Apart from that, the smart pillow insert is powered by two AA batteries that offers 6-8 weeks of usage.

Chrona Turns Your Pillow into Smartpillow

The Chrona has been available via Kickstarter. You can pledge $99 to preorder the smart pillow insert. If you’re interested, head to Kickstarter for full description.

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