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We have introduced several versatile smart watches, but if you also need a more intuitive control way, the following Touch Time digital watch with touch screen should be more suitable for you.

Touch Time Digital Watch with Touch Screen

Bright color and unique dual dial design, no doubt, the following Sektorus concept watch has caught our eyes. If you also like this kind of vivid design, let’s o on checking.

Sektorus Concept Watch

More and more smart watches are coming, which allow to connect with your smartphone. If you want to conveniently check various info from your iPhone 4 or Android phone, let’s go on checking MetaWatch Strata smart watch.

MetaWatch Strata Smart Watch

Tokyoflash has released its latest LCD watch: Kisai Online. If you like this kind of futuristic watch design with continues vertical lines, let’s go on checking the unique wrist watch.

Tokyoflash Kisai Online LCD Watch

We know it’s not difficult to enjoy your various vinyl records using USB turntable. But if you also want to show your love to the vintage music player, the turntable metal wrist watch should be able to catch your eyes.

Turntable Metal Wrist Watch

Want to enjoy your favorite R2-D2, the most famous droid in the universe of Star Wars? Take a look at the remote control R2-D2 digital watch, maybe the little toy can meet you requirements.

Star Wars Remote Control R2-D2 Digital Watch

Lots of people use Android or BlackBerry smartphones. If you also need a handy way to check various info from the smartphone, maybe the following InPulse smart watch can meet your requirements.

InPulse Smart Watch for Android and BlackBerry Smartphones

Apparently it’s a trend to connect your watch with your smartphone. Following Pebble E-paper watch, here is another analog watch for iPhone and Android phone raising fund on Kickstarter. If you’re curious, let’s go on checking cookoo analog watch.

Cookoo Analog Watch for iPhone and Android Phone