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It seems the real bag fan of Batman is not satisfied with those mini Batmobile replicas, so he came up with the fan-made street legal 1989 Batmobile. Curious? Let’s go on checking.

The Fan Made Street Legal 1989 Batmobile

Want an eco-friendly and convenient way to shuttle through the streets in your city? Take a look at Scrooser, the unique eco-friendly city scooter may be able to catch your eyes.

Scrooser A Unique Eco-Friendly City Scooter

Do you know how fast Batman‘s Batmobile goes? Check out world’s only turbine powered Batmobile, maybe you can find out the answer.

World's Only Turbine Powered Batmobile

No doubt, QTvan mobility scooter caravan is a great scooter part for those who love scooters and travels. If you also want to travel on your mobility scooter, let’s go on checking.

QTvan Mobility Scooter Caravan for Riders Loving Travels

Don’t care about those Tron Legacy Light Cycle remote control toys. Now you can get your own real street legal Light Cycle custom motorcycle.

Street Legal Tron Legacy Light Cycle Custom Motorcycle

No doubt, not everyone can afford the super car from Italy. But it doesn’t keep us from enjoying Lamborghini in various ways such as the Lamborghini USB flash drive.

Lamborghini USB Flash Drive

It’s incredible, the jet powered Volkswagen Beetle is a street-legal car. So if you also want one jet car, maybe you could contact its creator Ron Patrick.

Jet Powered Volkswagen Beetle and Honda Scooter

Have you remembered the Batman Batpod motorcycle auctioned at eBay? Apparently the custom motorcycle has been unavailable. Fortunately we found another Batpod, especially, it’s running on the road.

Real Batman Batpod Motorcycle on the Road