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You have lots of classical vinyl records? You want to convert them into digital music? The Oval USB turnable should be able to meet your requirement.

Oval USB Turntable Converts Vinyl Recorders into Digital Music

We’ve seen DSLR camera shaped USB flash drive. Apparently this is a nice idea, so let’s go on checking more mini camera styled USB flash drives.

Mini Camera Styled USB Flash Drives

We’ve introduced several pistol shaped USB flash drives, but apparently the following missile is more powerful. If you’re interested, let’s go on checking the U-57 missile shaped USB flash drive.

H-57 Missile Shaped USB Flash Drive

Solid housing plus functional hook, no doubt, the PNY Hook Attache USB flash drive has caught our eyes. If you also like this kind of design, let’s go on checking.

PNY Hook Attache USB Flash Drive

Are you a faithful follower of superheroes like us? Yes? Then you may like to check this group of superhero USB flash drives.

Superhero USB Flash Drives

We have various ways to enjoy HD videos on flat panel TV, but if you want to connect them through USB port, IOGEAR USB to HDMI external HD audio and video adapter may be suitable for you.

IOGEAR USB to HDMI External HD A/V Adapter

Want to expand your USB flash drive with 2GB storage capacity to 4GB in order to install Windows 7? Then you must need the expandable USB flash drive Collector.

Expandable Collector USB Flash Drive

Apparently these retro 35mm film rolls can not be used to capture incredible photos, but more advanced technology makes them to store your digital photos. Let’s go on checking the 35mm film roll USB flash drive.

35mm Film Roll USB Flash Drive