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Following Batman mimobots, mimoco released its latest DC superhero series mimobot USB flash drive: Green Lantern.

Mimoco Green Lantern Mimobot USB Flash Drives

We can find out numerous innovative USB gadgets on the Internet. The latest one is the special USB-It Stick-On USB cable that can power yourself via USB port.

Power Youself with USB-It Stick-On USB Cable

In addition to iPad and iPhone, apparently we have other USB-powered gadgets like other tablet PC, MP3 player, and more. If you want a multi functional docking station for theses gadgets, let’s go on checking Quirky’s Converge.

Quirky Converge Docking Station for Your iPhone, iPad and More

Green House USB Fan

May 12, 2011 | In: USB Gadgets

Apparently there is no need to worry about the hot summer, because we have various air conditioners and the USB fan beside laptop.

Green House USB Fan

We’ve introduced several pistol USB drives, but if you prefer more powerful Uzi pistol, the following USB flash drive may be suitable for you.

Uzi Pistol Shaped USB Flash Drive

Last month we featured some incredible 35mm film roll USB flash drives. Now we found a set of similar designs from photojojo. If you like these classical film rolls, let’s go on checking.

Yet Another Film Roll USB Flash Drive

How to divide your personal files from the work documents in one USB drive? No doubt, the 2-Storage USB flash drive is a wonderful solution.

2-Storage USB Flash Drive

What do you expect from the 1UP and Super mushroom except unrealistic super power? Just a little light for your desk? Well, the USB mushroom lamp should be suitable for you.

USB Mushroom Lamp Not for Super Mario