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Cute Octopus 4-Port USB Hub

February 4, 2011 | In: USB Gadgets

Apparently this cute white octopus is much better than Squidward. Using its four tentacles, the octopus USB hub can transmit various data from USB gadgets for you.

Cute Octopus 4-Port USB Hub

Most of portable chargers use rechargeable battery, some but exception, such as the following portable emergency charger using AA batteries.

Portable Emergency Charger with LED Flashlight

Which airline gave you the most impression all over the world? Check out the Bader airline themed USB flash drives, maybe your favorite is among them.

Bader Airline Themed USB Flash Drives

For many people, portable study lamp and power strap are necessary gadgets. If you want a lamp integrated both of functions, Quirky’s Ember may be suitable for you.

Quirky Ember Portable Study Lamp with USB Ports and Power Outlets

There are too many gadgets on your computer desk? Check out the roll-up mouse pad integrated USB hub and speakers, maybe the highly integrated gadget can help you.

Roll-Up Mouse Pad Integrated USB Hub and Speakers

Which USB flash drive style is your favorite, cute figure or antique vacuum tube? If you prefer the later, let’s go on checking the handmade steampunk USB flash drive.

Handmade Steampunk USB Flash Drive

Tulip 4-Port USB Hub

January 25, 2011 | In: USB Gadgets

That amatory season is not far from us. Even not roses, those red tulips also makes your room full of romance, what’s more, the tulip USB hub will never wither.

Tulip 4-Port USB Hub

Riding bike undoubtedly is a nice form of exercise. If you want your riding more fun, you’d better have some music using some gadgets such as the bike light integrated MP3 player and FM radio.

Bike Light Integrated MP3 Player and FM Radio