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We have featured many practical and interesting USB card readers, but if you pay more attention on the security, the USB card reader with encryption feature may be more suitable for you.

USB Card Reader with Encryption Feature

Do you remember that interesting ninja USB flash drive? It’s unavailable on GeekStuff4U, but fortunately we found the ninja and his companions on another store. Let’s go on checking the mini figure styled USB flash drive.

Mini Figure Styled USB Flash Drive

Need a backup battery pack with large capacity to feed mobile devices during camping trip? Check out iCruiser external battery pack, maybe the portal charger can meet your requirements.

iCruiser External Battery Pack for Your Mobile Devices

We can found out all kinds of USB hubs in the category of USB gadgets, but if you’re a big fan of LEGO bricks, the following LEGO styled 4-port USB hub may be more suitable for you.

Elecom LEGO Styled 4-Port USB Hub

We can find out tons of card readers via Google Shopping, but if you want a spy camera integrated USB card reader, the following one may be suitable for you.

USB Card Reader with Spy Camera

Never let a little kid put the small-size bread basket into his month. The delicious USB flash drive can be used to store your data instead of saving one’s stomach.

Bread Basket Shaped USB Flash Drive

This is hot summer. Even though sitting before computer in air-conditioned room, we feel like sitting on the fire. If you feel the same, let’s go on checking Thanko USB cooler cushion.

Thanko USB Cooler Cushion

Need a HDD docking station to backup your tons of songs, videos and games? Check out the handmade HDD docking station with 4-port USB hub and pen holder, maybe it fits your messy desk.

Handmade HDD Docking Station with 4-Port USB Hub and Pen Holder