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Toshiba has released its latest network storage device – Canvio Home Backup $ Share. If you need a large-capacity storage device for your numerous data, let’s go on checking.

Toshiba Home Backup & Share Network Storage Device

In addition to an iPad, many people have another iOS device like iPod or iPhone. If you want to make full use of Apple 12W USB power adapter, the PowerShare adapter may be suitable for you.

PowerShare Adapter for Apple 12W USB Power Adapter

Apparently the two tiny cars can’t roll down the road, but if you need to transmit your data, the ambulance and police car USB flash drives will help you.

The Ambulance and Police Car USB Flash Drives

We have featured many nice portable power bank, but if you prefer multi functional options, the LumiVolt backup battery with built-in flashlight may be more suitable for you.

LumiVolt Backup Battery with Built-in Flashlight

Apparently that Lightsaber hasn’t enough power to feed your multiple mobile devices. If you want to charge more devices on the go, you may need the ProMini Star Wars Darth Vader backup battery to help you.

ProMini Star Wars Darth Vader Backup Battery

Apparently the lightsaber isn’t a suitable weapon, but it’s perfect to charge your mobile devices. If you’re a faithful fan of Star Wars, let’s go on checking the Darth Vader lightsaber backup battery.

Star Wars Darth Vader Lightsaber Backup Battery

The official Apple 12W power adapter just has one USB port, but if you need to charge two or three mobile devices, maybe you need a charging station or a 3-port travel wall charger such as the following one.

The 3-Port Travel Wall Charger

The keychain not only organizes your keys, but also charges your smartphone on the go. If you’re curious, let’s go on checking the Power Boost keychain with backup battery.

The Power Boost Keychain with Backup Battery