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The car charger not only charge your smartphone, but also holds your handset for navigation. Nice features? Let’s go on checking the dual USB car charger with phone holder.

The Dual USB Car Charger with Phone Holder

The wall charger not only charges your devices via AC outlet, but also offer you an on-the-go way to charge your handset. Nice idea? Let’s go on checking TYLT’s Energi 2K wall charger with backup battery.

TYLT Energi 2K Wall Charger with Backup Battery

Kanex recently released its latest power bank – GoPower Pack. If you’re curious, let’s go on checking the new backup battery with an integrated phone stand for smartphone.

Kanex GoPower Pack Backup Battery with Phone Stand

Forget those bulky docking station for your smartphone and tablet, Incipio’s Dual Desktop charging station will offer a compact and elegant way to charge your devices.

Incipio Desktop Charging Station with Two USB Ports

Sorry, the tiny Apple Disk II can’t be used to read your old floppy disks, but if you have a SD card, you can plug it into the Disk II shaped USB card reader, and importing your beautiful photos.

Disk II Shaped USB SD Card Reader

Iron Man has accepted a new mission to charge your smartphone in your car. If you want to hire the superhero, let’s go on checking the Iron Man USB car charger.

Iron Man USB Car Charger

Sorry, the shield is not made from vibranium and adamantium compound and can’t be used to defeat any supervillain, but if you need to store data, the Captain America 2 OTG USB flash drive will be a pretty cool solution.

The Captain America 2 OTG USB Flash Drive

We have featured many excellent power banks, but if you need a small and larger capacity option to charge your MacBook, the fresh BatteryBox portable battery pack should be more suitable for you.

BatteryBox Portable Battery Pack with 12000mAh Capacity