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Star Wars VII Stormtrooper USB Flash Drive

Sorry, you can’t use the tiny Stormtrooper helmet to disguise yourself as a Stormtrooper soldier, but the Star Wars VII Stormtrooper USB flash drive can store your digital files in a way of Galactic Empire. Cool? Let’s keep going.

Star Wars VII Stormtrooper Helmet Shaped USB Flash Drive


HeLi-on Portable Solar Charger Boasts a Retractable Solar Panel

Using an integrated large solar panel, the HeLi-on solar charger more effectively absorbs energy from the sun and charges your mobile devices, and retractable design allows you to take the portable charger anywhere you go.

HeLi-on Portable Solar Charger Features a Retractable Solar Panel


The Air USB Car Charger Boasts Integrated Ionic Air Purifier

Using integrated ionic car air purifier, the Air USB car charger not only charges your mobile devices, but also freshen the air in your car. Like the feature? Let’s keep going.

The Air USB Car Charger with Ionic Air Purifier


The Ear+ USB Hand Warmer with Integrated Power Bank

With its cute and portable design, the Ear+ USB hand warmer keeps your hands warm in winter, and integrated power bank charges your smartphone on the move.

Ear+ USB Hand Warmer with Power Bank


The Branch Aluminum USB-C Hub Adds Six Ports to Your New MacBook

Apple’s new MacBook is totally awesome. Its single USB-C port lets you have to insanely find out a way to add more ports for those existing accessories. Take a look at Branch, the aluminum USB-C hub is able to add six ports to the minimal machine.

Branch Aluminum USB-C Hub for New MacBook


Minecraft Redstone Torch USB Wall Charger is a Pixelated Way to Charge Your Devices

The iconic redstone torch not only lights your way in Minecraft, but also charge your USB devices in a pixelated way. Sounds cool? Let’s keep going for the Minecraft redstone torch USB wall charger.

Minecraft Redstone Torch USB Wall Charger


Big Hero 6 Baymax USB LED Lamp Xmas Edition

We have seen Baymax LED lamp, but Christmas is coming. We need some special gadgets for the biggest holiday such as the Xmas edition of Big Hero 6 Baymax USB LED lamp.

Big Hero 6 Baymax Xmas Edition USB LED Lamp



Belkin Car Power Valet Contains USB Car Charger, Lightning Cable and Dash Magnet

Belkin has released Car Power Valet, a premium car charging kit for your iPhone. Using its included USB car charger, Lightning cable and a dash magnet, the valet lets you conveniently charge your device in your car.

Belkin Car Power Valet with USB Car Charger, Lightning Cable and Dash Magnet


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