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No doubt, this is the most perfect wedding ring for LEGO fans. Do you have a boyfriend loving LEGO bricks? Don’t forget to give him LEGO ring.

Building a Castle on the LEGO Wedding Ring

As we can see from the following image. FireFox is a paper craft instead of that famous open source web browser. If you wish, take the cute fox to your desktop.

FireFox is Paper Craft instead of Web Browser

Just yesterday we found out the Doctor Who TARDIS money bank. Now Doctor’s arch-enemy Dalek has also turned into a fun money bank. It’s very clear what the Dalek is aiming at.

Doctor Who Dalek Money Bank

After introducing LEGO minifigure flashlights and headlamps, a new kind of LEGO City minifigure flashlight keychain has been available.

LEGO City Minifigure Flashlight Keychain

If you like powerful lightsaber from Star Wars or you feel too expensive for a replica or you can’t make it by yourself, the Star Wars lightsaber paper craft is yours.

Star Wars Lightsaber Paper Craft

Nemo is our familiar cartoon character in Finding Nemo animated film. But apparently via the Finding Nemo anatomical collectible toy model, we can know more about the cute clown fish.

Disney Finding Nemo Anatomical CollectibleToy Model

Remote Control LEGO Land Rover

September 18, 2010 | In: DIY Gadgets, Toys

Have you remembered that LEGO Jeep Wrangler Rubicon? Paul has released his latest work: a remote control LEGO Land Rover.

Remote Control LEGO Land Rover

As we know, it’s not good for our health to devote too much time to video games. So if you like racing game, let’s go on checking the Autobahn Tape Kit and Race Car that can bring the game from screen to your home.

Play Racing Game by Using Autobahn Tape Kit and Race Car