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Bigger Star Wars Character Plush Toy

September 13, 2010 | In: Toys

No doubt, a fan of Star Wars doesn’t mind adding an enemy or master for the Luke Skywalker toy plush such as Darth Vader or Master Yoda. Here are several Star Wars plush toys. Let’s go on checking.

Bigger Star Wars Character Plush Toy

Do you know that Tardis the famous space and time machine in Doctor Who was made of LEGO bricks? The following is the evidence by JustJon.

Doctor Who Tardis Made with LEGO Bricks

No doubt, Joseph Senior’s Hello Kitty model kit design impressed us very much. Of course, this is only the beginning. Now let’s enjoy his newest Hello Kitty model kit design concept.

More Hello Kitty Model Kits by Joseph Senior

No doubt, the Hoernersburg LEGO castle is one of the most detailed LEGO models we’ve ever seen. Although the LEGO model isn’t the latest one, yet this doesn’t prevent us from enjoying the incredible LEGO castle.

Hoernersburg LEGO Castle Holding All Details Needed

Transformers Optimus Prime has been back from robot repair plant. It seems the leader of the Autobots has a brand new and more powerful steampunk body.

Steampunk Transformers Optimus Prime by Encline Design

Hello Kitty Monopoly Board Game

September 6, 2010 | In: Toys

Have you been tired of a common monopoly board game? If you’re a big fan of Hello Kitty, you’ll love the Hello Kitty Monopoly board game.

Hello Kitty Monopoly Board Game

No doubt, Plants vs Zombies has spread to the whole world. You also want to own a powerful Pea Shooter guarding your garden? Let’s go on checking the following plush toy.

Plants vs Zombies Pea Shooter Plush Toy

LEGO bricks aren’t a set of 3D software used to build incredible movie scenes. But apparently LEGO has the potentiality to create a virtual world such as the inconceivable folding world in Inception.

Another Classical Inception Movie Scene Built with LEGO Bricks