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The titans are planning to invade your showcase. All you need to do is hire the two heroes to fight against those hungry titans. Nice plot? Let’s go on checking the two Attack on Titan action figures.

Attack on Titan Eren and Mikasa Action Figures

Like many of us, those powerful superheroes and famous pop culture characters also like resting on the sofa. Curious? Let’s go on checking the LEGO superheroes and their favorite couches.

LEGO Superheroes and Their Favorite Couches

Drive the mini drone with your smartphone or tablet to start an adventure around your house. That sounds great? Let’s go on checking Parrot Jumping Sumo app-enabled mini drone.

Parrot Jumping Sumo App-Enabled Mini Drone

We have introduced two action figures based on the two iconic robots in Portal 2 video game, but if you need a more affordable version, the following Atlas and P-Body action figures may be suitable for you.

Portal 2 Atlas and P-Body Action Figures

We have seen several nice app-controlled RC helicopters, but if you want to enjoy explosive fun, the following CrashCopter app-enabled drone quadcopter may draw your more attention.

CrashCopter App-Enabled Drone Quadcopter

The mecha from Titanfall has been ready to conquer your showcase. Give him the chance? Let’s go on checking the Play Arts Kai Atlas action figure with pilot.

Play Arts Kai Titanfall Atlas Action Figure with Pilot

Which character in Star Wars is your favorite? If you’re a faithful fan of Darth Vader, the following playing cards with Darth Vader’s helmet case should be able to catch your eyes.

Star Wars Darth Vader Playing Card with Helmet Case

We have seen a mini figure series based on South Park, but if you like crocheting amigurumi dolls, the following South Park themed crochet patterns may be more suitable for you.

South Park Themed Crochet Patterns