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We have seen several foamy Minecraft themed replicas, but if you like paper craft, you may like to make your own sword and pickaxe from the pixelated world.

Make Your Own Minecraft Sword and Pickaxe Paper Craft

Want a powerful action figure to guard your desk? If you’re a fan of BioShock video game series, the George Washington patriot action figure may be able to catch your eyes.

BioShock Infinite George Washington Patriot Action Figure

No doubt, Star Trek is well-received, your dog may also be attracted by the vast universe in the sci-fi franchise. Then let’s go on checking the Star Trek Enterprise plush chew toy.

Star Trek Enterprise Plush Chew Toy for Dogs

Forget those remote controlled toy vehicles. If you want more intuitive driving experience, Modarri finger-powered toy car series may be able to catch your eyes.

Modarri Finger-Powered Toy Car Series

To celebrate upcoming Lunar New Year, Dead Zebra has released Year of Horse collectible Android mini figure. If you’re curious, let’s go on checking.

Year of Horse Collectible Android Mini Figure

How many blue team members have been killed by your sentry gun in Team Fortress 2? If you like Engineer, let’s go on checking the 3D printed Engineer’s sentry gun mini model.

3D Printed Team Fortress 2 Engineer Sentry Gun

Mass Effect Vinyl Mini Figures

January 24, 2014 | In: Toys

No doubt, Mass Effect is a very successful video game series. If you’re also a faithful fan of the trilogy, the Mass Effect vinyl mini figures should be able to catch your eyes.

Mass Effect Vinyl Mini Figures

LEGO has announced a new LEGO set inspired by The Simpsons, the iconic TV series. If you’re a big fan of LEGO bricks and The Simpsons, don’t miss the LEGO construction set with LEGO minifigures.

The Simpsons House LEGO Set Announced