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LEGO Star Wars UCS Rey’s Speeder

Rey’s Speeder is one of the most impressive vehicles in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Now a LEGO artist is trying to turn it into a USC LEGO set. No doubt, it’s cool enough to draw out attention.

Star Wars UCS LEGO Rey's Speeder


Super Mario Bros Classic Monopoly

Mushroom Kingdom has been shrunken to fit on your desk. The Super Mario Bros classic monopoly lets you navigate the 8-bit world with your favorite Mario Bros, Princess Peach and more.

Super Mario Bros Monopoly


The Hiigaran Destroyer Starship Built with LEGO Bricks

The medium-sized capital ship from Homeworld has become reality, and it’s built with our favorite LEGO bricks. Like the Hiigaran’s Destroyer? Let’s keep going.

LEGO Hiigaran Destroyer Starship


The Awesome Pop-up Himeji Castle Built with LEGO Bricks

The pop-up Himeji Castle is much bigger than those regular pop-up books because it’s built with LEGO bricks instead of paper. Awesome? Let’s keep going.

The Awesome LEGO Pop-up Himeji Castle Built by Talapz


Batman v Superman Nendoroid Batman Action Figure

Not every Batman fan was satisfied with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but it doesn’t affect you on being attracted by the cute Nendoroid Batman action figure.

The Nendoroid Batman Action Figure Based on Batman v Superman


Star Trek Remotely Controlled U.U.S. Enterprise Quadcopter

We featured Star Trek inflatable captain chair several tears ago, but the remotely controlled U.U.S. Enterprise quadcopter may be the best option if you want to be drive the starship.

Star Trek RC U.U.S. Enterprise Quadcopter


The RC Batman Batmobile Tumbler Controlled by Your Smartphone or Tablet

Some current technologies have been integrated Batman’s Batmobile Tumbler, so you can use your smartphone or tablet to remotely control the futuristic vehicle. Cool? Let’s keep going.

App-Controlled Batman Batmobile Tumbler



Brixo Building Blocks Add Electronic Sensors, Motors and App-Enabled Feature to Your LEGO Creations

Using Brixo building blocks, you can add many advanced tricks to your LEGO creations like being controlled by smartphone, triggered by sound, light and touch and more. Sounds great? Let’s keep going.

Brixo Building Blocks with Electronic Sensors, Motors and App-Enabled Feature Work with LEGO Creations


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