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Need a decent speaker system to play various music either indoor or outdoor? Take a look at Nyne Bass portable wireless Bluetooth speaker, it may be a nice option.

Nyne Bass Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Need multiple ways to connect your smartphone or tablet with a speaker and enjoy high quality audio at home? Take a look at JBL’s Authentics L8 wireless speaker system, it may meet your requirements.

JBL Authentics L8 Wireless Speaker System

Apparently the “shield” can’t be used to fight against Captain’s foes, but you can use it to play music or charge your smartphone. Nice features? Let’s keep checking the Captain America: The Winter Soldier Bluetooth speaker with backup battery.

Captain America The Winter Soldier Bluetooth Speaker with Backup Battery

Need a home speaker to play your favorite music from your iPhone? Have a look at Gear4′s HouseParty 6, the dock speaker may catch your eyes.

Gear4 HouseParty 6 Dock Speaker

Samsung has announced its latest “Level” series of mobile audio products, including Level In and Level On headphones and Level Box Bluetooth speaker. Now let’s go on checking the wireless portable speaker at first.

Samsung Level Box Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Want to make your headphones compatible with Bluetooth? Take a look at Smartbean, the Bluetooth wireless audio receiver should be able to meet your requirements.

Smartbean Bluetooth Wireless Audio Receiver

It’s not a potted plant that can green your living space, but if you want to play enchanting music, the Audio 420′s 420 portable Bluetooth speaker may catch your eyes.

420 Audio 420 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Logitech has released a new wireless audio receiver. If you want to turn your premium wired speaker system into a wireless speaker, the Bluetooth receiver should be suitable for you.

Logitech Bluetooth Audio Receiver