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The Oku-dake doesn’t have built-in WiFi or Bluetooth, but it still offers a more handy way to amplify you music from smartphone. If you like the feature, let’s go on checking Thanko’s Oku-dake wireless speaker with USB charger.

Thanko Oku-dake Wireless Speaker with USB Charger

This week Nokia also announced MD-12, a Bluetooth mini speaker. If you’ve been caught by its vivid colors, let’s go on checking the portable wireless speaker.

Nokia MD-12 Bluetooth Mini Speaker Announced

Logitech recently released a new portable Bluetooth speaker – X100. If you like this kind of palm-sized design, let’s go on checking the wireless speaker.

Logitech X100 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

The Big Turtle Shell not only lets you enjoy beautiful music, but also charge your smartphone. Sound pretty cool? Let’s go on checking the rugged, wireless Bluetooth speaker with power bank.

The Big Turtle Shell Bluetooth Speaker with Power Bank

Need multiple ways to flexibly connect a wireless speaker with your music player, smartphone or tablet? Take a look at Musaic, the WiFi and Bluetooth speaker may be suitable for you.

Musaic WiFi and Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

The Circle looks a bit like a robotic vacuum cleaner, but you just use it to play your favorite music or charge your smartphone. Sound good? Let’s go on checking the Bluetooth speaker with wireless charger.

The Circle Bluetooth Speaker with Wireless Charger

We have been lots of Bluetooth speakers, but Glowdeck is the most versatile one that we have ever seen. If you also want to know more about the Bluetooth speaker with wireless charger, notification platform and LED light system, let’s keep reading.

Glowdeck Bluetooth Speaker with Wireless Charger, Notification Platform and LED Light System

TDK has unveiled its latest portable Bluetooth speaker with auxiliary input and output – TREK Micro. If you like the weatherized and compact design, the portable speaker may be able to catch your eyes.

TDK TREK Micro Portable Bluetooth Speaker